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If you are like most of us, you yearn for moments of recognition in the workplace. Lately, the pace is staggering. Your cell phone/Blackberry is a permanent fixture in your daily routine, and taking a break is tough. How can you find time to keep life, with all its challenges and enjoyments, in perspective?

Throughout the years, we have talked with many of you who are adjusting to a work/life balance, while simultaneously making an effort to get your next promotion. Here are four ways that will help maintain your focus and pursue that promotion:

1. Get out of the office and meet a non-workplace friend for lunch. Connecting with others away from work gets your brain off acceleration mode. It’s refreshing and motivating.

2. Participate in an intramural sport, contest, competition, or other recreational activity with your office/sales team. When others see you in “leisure/fun mode” it scores points in the meeting room. All work and no play keeps the promotions away!

3. Bring your son or daughter (preferably middle or high school age) to your office one Friday afternoon and let them see what you really do at work. Your child will enjoy the experience and colleagues will appreciate seeing you in a different, yet just as meaningful role.

4. Assist a co-worker with a key project and don’t take credit for it…yep, you heard it right here. It’s a surefire way to gain leverage in the workplace. Why? Your teamwork attitude will eventually make its way to a supervisor. No doubt your superior will be impressed with your selfless approach and advancement may come sooner than expected.

These are just a few examples of keeping the “sanity meter” on auto pilot. Work is challenging these days, so enjoy the ride to the next level!

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