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2011 has proven to be a very challenging, yet active and busy year – both in client business and candidate opportunities in the pharmaceutical/biotechnology/medical device arena.

At PharmaOne Search we anticipate further expansion in this marketplace for several reasons even though the economy has taken a dive:

1. It’s a Candidate-Driven Market.
In business cycles, anytime you experience above average growth in any one niche industry, the result is a healthy selection of open positions especially in this market. As one candidate remarked, “I have multiple offers, and a tough decision to make. It’s a happy problem!” Corporate recruiters have been predicting a “skilled labor shortage” for almost a year now.

2. Client Profits are Steady!
Profits have been consistent and solid all the way around. New product intro’s, robust pipelines, product teams are delivering, and sales forces are expanding – good stuff, good times, good feelings about this market are ringing true.

3. Candidates and Clients are becoming more Sophisticated.
Yes, career-wise we are becoming a “more selective – be patient” type of candidate. Clients, too, seem to be waiting longer for a particular candidate to be that “right fit”.

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