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Career Tip

Interviewing for any opportunity is being prepared. No joke. You would be surprised how often we encounter a client who is disappointed the candidate did not prepare properly. And likewise, the candidate complains he/she didn’t get the job offer. Whether a phone interview or face-to-face, know your game plan: Here are some “behind the scenes” hints that we found effective:

1. Know the company and key brands, both current products and the therapeutic category you are looking into. Pipeline education is helpful to know as well.

2. Compare your resume to the job description and prepare a one-page addendum that lists in bullet points your skills relative to the position requirements. Have available to use as reference and/or a follow up tool after the interview.

3. Ask you recruiter for help. Pick his/her brain about any issues, hot buttons, background on the interviewers, etc.

4. Smile, yes smile and be a regular person. So many companies want to see the “human side” of people. You can be professional and serious and still score points with a fresh, interpersonal, and relational side of yourself.

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