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Many of us have been in new positions and some will even start a new job this month, but how comfortable are you during that first day/first week in your new office environment?

Over the years, we have consistently heard from folks who have started their new positions with various clients and here are some valuable tips they have shared:

  1. Wear a suit or outfit you feel the most comfortable with… that gives you that spark of physical and professional confidence! If you look good, you’ll feel good about yourself and will become less stressed that first day..
  2. Smile! Yes, smile even though you may feel nervous or anxious! When you greet a co-worker, supervisor, or administrative assistant, those first impressions count and last!
  3. Memorize names and person’s faces. For some, this exercise can be very difficult in the beginning, but the results are very impressive. A very powerful and respectful communication skill is using a person’s (first) name upon getting to know them. Reaching out to co-workers reassures them that you value their experience and expertise.


These tips may side with basic common sense during a first day on the job, but nothing is surprising or out of the ordinary in these times….make your first day and every new day count!

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