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Again, thanks for your continued interest in our monthly newsletter. We are continuing to work hard to keep it useful and informative. This month its short and sweet…

If you would like to be included in special email notices in the future, targeted to your position in the pharma industry, you may place yourself into one of several Interest Groups. This enables us to send an email to, let’s say — all our contacts in Sales Analysis. We can then make you aware of “Sales Analysis” news and opportunities as they arise…

To add yourself to an Interest Group, go to the bottom of this newsletter and Click Here to Change Your Subscription. Then, click on Change Preferences. Click the box for the interest group that best relates to your position and background. Confirm your email address by typing it into the required block and SUBMIT.

February Update – Selected Position Openings

Now that the new year in in full throttle mode, below is a partial list of positions (all with pharma companies) we are currently working on. Keep in mind, the 1st Qtr. of any calendar year is probably the most active in terms of clients wanting to solidify headcount and aggressively continue their interviewing:

* Supervisor, Professional & Sales Education

* Associate Director, Market Research (2)

* Director, Market Research

* Sr. Manager/Manager, Market Research

* Sr. Market Research Analyst

* Market Research Analyst (3)

* Product Director, New Products

* Senior Product Manager

* Sales Analyst

* Forecast Manager

* Forecast Analyst

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