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During a typical week I will get quite a few calls from folks asking about new opportunities in pharmaceutical companies, and some will want advice on resume preparation as well as scenarios at their current employer, etc.

My advice is consistent…. Make sure you are being proactive and improving your skills with initiative and professional persistence to perform at your best, each and every day.

Competition for talent is fierce. Improvement and self evaluation are necessary. If you find your career is lacking challenge or the glass ceiling is getting thicker, perhaps the time is right to explore new opportunities.

I was recently talking to friend of mine who is a senior level executive at one of our pharma clients and I found her advice to be quite valuable: “I am more interested in what a candidate tells me about vision and initiative for the future and what they see ahead for the company, than spending a majority of time reviewing what he/she has done in the past….”

Wow! She is right! A resume with a track record and experience is great, but companies want to hear about how a person can make a difference and add value to a company. The result: You’re hired!

So, if you are in the ditch, close to the ditch, or the mud is flying up on your new car – take an inventory of where you are, what you’re doing, and recommit, get focused, or start exploring for new opportunities because the positions are out there and companies can’t wait to hire you – if the glove fits…you’ve got the job!!

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