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You’ve heard it before I’m sure while watching sports: “Momentum is changing, the team is clicking on all cylinders…” It is an expected slogan when one team gets that all-important edge over the opponent.

And in every career, there is a similar wave of momentum when circumstances in your job, and personal life, are striving forward. And it just might be the time to consider a pivot. The momentum is in your favor.

In a full employment economy, you are the one “controlling the ball” when considering a career/job change. It isn’t always a quick or easy decision, but it is one you can control. There are many factors to consider when thinking about a new role or new company. But, when momentum is on your side, it can be an easier decision.

In my coaching calls, I recommend it is always good to explore your options when in a position of strength. Here are a few to ponder:

  1. Network and keep in touch with people. – A simple text or short email checking in on someone can reap benefits. ASK about them and ways you might offer to help. You would be surprised how many will respond. And yes, they remember the next time they see a message from you. Chances are a quick response will return your way, or even information on a possible job opening with a new employer.
  2. Stay current with industry trends. – Stay connected with industry trends, mergers, acquisitions. When we get busy, we ignore the larger picture. Stay informed. Read the journals, articles and press releases online. Beginning each office day, I read First Word Pharma ( Its free to sign-up and comes to your inbox every morning. Well worth a 10-15 minute read each day.
  3. Stay open to something new. – It is a great time to be employed in the pharma/biotech/medical device industries. The market for new and innovative products is at an all-time high. Resist complacency, seek challenge, and consider a new job opportunity. You never know what unique position awaits unless you open the door to consideration. Discuss your thoughts with your recruiter, and even close friends. They often have some inside tips to share that may help you sort out some unanswered questions, and perhaps make a move to carry that momentum to the next level.


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