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If you are consistently busting your hump yet few people notice, it is easy to be unmotivated to work hard. Well, maybe not.

In the workplace, it’s all about accomplishing much with few resources. It’s part of working the fast-paced, ever-changing world of corporate pharma we live and breathe.

Long hours, project deadlines, follow up, late evenings on the laptop—all contribute to time away from family and friends. You can be under-appreciated especially if you are wired to thrive on encouragement, and for the boss to say, “well done!”

Psychologically, it normally takes one comment from a supervisor or co-worker acknowledging your diligence and hard work to keep your engine running. But wait. Be patient. People are observing. The boss may not actually speak into your translation of appreciation and encouragement, but I’ll bet the work you are doing is in fact getting noticed.

Here are some suggestions for getting noticed in the workplace, and at the same time ramping up your productivity:

  1. Find uninterrupted time – Consider an early start to the day. Beat the crowd in the morning before meetings begin and people pop in your office. Likely you will accomplish 30-40% of your daily work in the first few hours.


  1. Start small – Focus on shorter projects that can be knocked out soonest. Project scope varies but as you feel empowered with mental energy, stick with it to completion and check it off the list.


  1. Don’t overload the calendar – Success is a process. It takes time and consistency. Don’t be a hero taking on additional work. Do what you do well.


  1. Seek a mentor – Model others who are successful. Seek out someone who knows your strengths and weaknesses. Check in periodically and ask for feedback.


  1. Be consistent. Resist distraction – Be mindful of the potential distractions in your daily work that can lead to time and energy wasted. Interruptions, social media looks, or trips to the coffee bar can add up.


  1. Celebrate benchmarks and milestones – Reward yourself when projects and presentations are completed. You need satisfaction knowing you have accomplished goals or met expectations. Once you experience the old adage ’15 minutes of fame’, its off to the next challenge, and more accomplishments ahead!

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