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Job growth is off and running. Not only in the medical industry, but in all segments of the US economy. Q1 2018 has already proven itself as a springboard to a successful outcome, both in client demand for top-tier candidates as well as an exciting attraction for those individuals seeking a new career opportunity in the fast-paced, highly demanding, and competitive pharmaceutical, biotech and medical device industries.

Companies are already strategizing for next year’s marketing plans and targeted campaigns. PharmaOne Search anticipates further candidate headcount expansion especially in a niche where data is the driving force. Here are some reasons we think there’s a continued strong demand for talent in this healthcare pharma sector:

  1. The Job Market is Candidate-Driven

In business cycles, anytime you experience above average growth in any one niche industry, the result is a healthy selection of attractive open positions. As one candidate remarked, “I have multiple opportunities, and a tough decision to make.” It’s a good problem to have! Corporate recruiters have seen a “skilled labor shortage,” especially noted in the data analytics area, and this area of growth seems to be growing faster than others. In a candidate-driven market, multiple job offers are almost inevitable.

  1. Employers Desire Strategic Analysis and Input

It is now expected that new employees not only perform at their highest level of competencies, but also have a ‘seat at the table’ when it comes to strategic input and interpretation of what the data is actually saying as it relates to formulation of an effective product strategy or rollout. Marketing teams need this input and while not always mutually agreeable, it is valuable to get new perspectives. In short, having options makes for better strategic decision-making.

  1. Pharma Client Profits are Steady and Growing

Company profits from these corporate entities have been consistent and solid all the way around. New products with or without co-promotion partners are being introduced with robust pipelines to facilitate the demand. Product teams are delivering, and sales forces are expanding. Simply put: their profits could be part of your reward in terms of job leads and new job placements.

  1. Candidates and Clients are Waiting for the Best Fit

We are seeing a “more selective – willing to wait” type of candidate. Clients too seem to be waiting longer for a particular candidate to be that “right fit”. When the wait is finally over, and the job is accepted, this gives added job security and personal fulfillment by knowing that you chose the job that best fit your skill set and goals.


Make it Count!

Steve Kane

PharmaOne Search, LLC

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