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Several colleagues of mine, working in various pharma/biotech companies have been impressed with the level of talent in recently submitted candidates for their open positions.

Right now, it is certainly a very strong candidate-driven market in one of the most healthy industries in corporate America – pharmaceutical/biotech and
medical device.

How can you further become that “top-level based candidate” that every company wants?


1. Confidence, not arrogance –
There is something to be said of being confident and collaborative vs. a “know-it-all” on every topic. Supervisors are fully aware of a person’s talent without playing an over-confident role that can lborder on perceived arrogance. For example, stating a legitimate strategic point in a meeting with support data/criteria is enough especially when your reputation for completeness is your forte. Upper mgmt likes consistency, especially when you deliver, but not over-deliver.

2. Keep your resume current, and updated –
You never know when a recruiter will call with an opportunity that you are interested in pursuing. Attempting to update your resume in one evening is tough. You will certainly not remember every single achievement, etc. It takes a tedious mindset and refinement which could take more than a few days.

3. And finally, become VISIBLE in the workplace –
Offer to lead a group from your dept or office to a lunch or dinner meeting. Network at conventions, association conferences, off-site meetings, etc. This will help build presence and also credibility amongst your peers. VISIBILITY (in the proper mode) equals increased CREDIBILITY in the workplace.

Three basic but important points in further defining your career and laying the groundwork for moving up the ladder.

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