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Dear Colleagues,

We are springboarding into 1st Quarter ’15 with some revived industry momentum and hearing from you about the market conditions, as well as how to approach future opportunities within your current company/department. While there will always be opportunities for promotion, what can you do ‘get an edge on getting noticed’? There are no guarantees certainly but during some recent career coaching sessions, I continue to recommended the following on keeping yourself alert, fresh, and aware of your contributions – all of which are key in maintaining a positive and productive image.

Here are three simple, obvious areas I feel are essential to increasing your chances of getting a new promotion:

1. Engage. Be committed. Truly believe in your company’s purpose, mission and vision; and most of all be real, honest, and translate it into your everyday actions and responsibilities. There is a tendency in us all to “wait and see”. Not now. Get involved and engage in conversations with a specific purpose, contribution, and/or recommendation to the end result of a key project(s).

2. Focus. Here’s an area where focusing like a laser beam could make the difference. Concentrate on the goal. Focus is about giving up or postponing every other (non-essential) thing and making sure that one important project/study gets done! Here’s a quote I heard years ago that is so true today. “Busy work to impress gets yours truly in a mess”. Don’t get sidetracked. Work on projects that are meaningful and become supervisor priorities.

3. Be Collaborative. We’ve all heard about sales people who are collaborative. Well, most are successful, very successful. Why? Collaborative selling uses a different mindset; it is a technique and method of selling that aims to develop trust and respect, and credibility between the salesperson and the end customer.

The key word here is trust. The second key word is credibility. The same applies while ‘collaborating’ with internal colleagues and supervisors . Your main objective is determining the need(s) and solving the problem. You’re selling yourself whether you know it or not. Contribution is so important when companies are assessing candidates for promotion – no kidding!

So as you examine your daily market challenges and opportunities, be alert; make every day count. We hope these three simple reminders give you an extra advantage as you prepare to begin each day. All the Best, Steve Kane President, PharmaOne Search 803-325-1655 (o)
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Steve Kane 803.325.1655 (o)

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