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Over the past several years, December has proven to be much busier in terms of interview activity than most people realize. Why? Clients would like to secure phone interviews before the holidays and schedule in-house interviews first thing in January. This ensures a fast start to the new calendar year.

December Tip

So, if you are a selected candidate for a particular position, now would be a good time to secure that phone interview and/or corporate in-house interview.

First, be sure your resume is accurate. Check and double check dates and specific titles held while working for specific employers – both past and present. Also, be specific in listing your responsibilities and accomplisments. Don’t let a mistake on your resume be an embarrassment to you later.

Second, use bullet points vs. paragraphs when listing responsibilities and accomplishments directly in line with the specific position held. This format is easier for a client to read and make note of your special skills when he or she may have a pile of resumes to review.

Finally, it has been our experience that Arial or Times Roman 11 sized font is best for resumes. The appearance of your resume should reflect the business professional that you are.

Refer Us To a Colleague

Do you know someone in the pharmaceutical industry who could benefit from our service? Our specialties include market research, marketing, sales management, and business analysis positions. Feel free to give them our phone number and email address. We would also be glad to add them to our newsletter distribution list. This is a great way to keep in touch and let you know what positions we are working on.

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