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Getting Past Those Obvious Mistakes

If overlooking a resume mistake has you upset, ease up on yourself. We are not all perfect – even though we want people to have that perception. Sometimes being imperfect can be beneficial, if you know how to handle it during a job interview. It’s called “thinking-on-your-feet” syndrome. Here are some “stop-gaps” to assist in restoring that mistake-free image on your resume and eventually in the interview:

1. Get a friend, spouse, or trusted colleague to look over your completed resume. Having another set of eyes proves worthy in spotting a grammar mistake or a phrase that just doesn’t sound right. Spell-check doesn’t always find everything.

2. Always tailor your OBJECTIVE statement to be simple, direct, and appropriate for the job. Pharma hiring managers want a clearly defined career objective. They are picky because the talent is out there. Gear your objectvie toward the career path you are looking for and want to pursue.

3. Customize your resume to fit the job description. Without transforming the content, a simple highlight of certain skill sets and core competencies will narrow the focus to impress the hiring manager. This does work. It will get you noticed!

4. In the interview(s), be prepared to explain in detail at least two recent projects or accomplishments. Hiring managers are impressed when you verbally express your work and talent without using notes. Thinking on your feet is priceless. It is notable and impressive. Client companies want confident and verbally skilled employees, especially in the competitive pharma/biotech, and medical device industries.

5. Bring a few extra resumes with you during the interviews. Sound basic? You’d be surprised how many of us forget, and we are sitting there trying to recall everything. During this blunder, recall specific accomplishments, verbalize your role, and tie it into the interviewer’s responses throughout the interview.

While we can’t always be guaranteed success, being prepared with a solid resume that is refined will make going to the next step of the interview process all the more comforting, and effective.

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